Jennifer Douglas is a literary publicist who believes in the right of equality for all authors. With a vision of a world where positivity is the norm and negativity is long forgotten Jennifer works alongside authors creating a marketing and publicity plan that meets the needs of the individual.

With years of experience in publicity, public relations and the marketing industry, which includes working with Allen and Unwin and Palmer Higgs Publishing, Jennifer has become a well sort after reviewer. To work with Jennifer is to know you are working with someone who will not hold back on being open and honest about your book and its marketing possibilities.

Having undertaken many courses in writing and poetry over the years Jennifer has a vast knowledge in the field of writing and reviewing, being able to provide an efficient, effective and professional service. As a qualified Early Childhood Educator and a home educating mum with over 16 years experience, she has a passion for quality children's books and educational resources.

Having spent 6 years as the founder and managing editor of two magazines, Good Gabble and Rattling Reviews, Jennifer has an eye for marketing and sales, knowing what the consumer is looking for and how to reach them. She works individually with each client meeting their needs and the needs of their product. She has many years experience in critiquing websites, placing herself in the shoes of the consumer who is browsing. Many clients return time and time again knowing they will be receiving an honest, open and non judgmental review or critique. Jennifer prides herself on providing a friendly, non threatening and personal service. Her clients are able to contact her personally throughout the whole review process.

For further information on the services Jennifer offers please visit her website www.jenniferdouglasliterarypublicist.com. This blog is a review base only.


 I was very pleased to be working with Jennifer Douglas.  My website has improved, with increased traffic and positive comments. Jennifer's overall enthusiasm for her work is refreshing and gives the direction needed to boost my merits.
I look forward to working with Jennifer in the near future and would recommend her without reservation. ~ Mark Mosier, Author ‘Signs of Life’ www.signsoflifeems.com 

I enlisted the services of Jennifer Douglas to manage the social media launch of my latest book, Thornydevils. Using all the social media outlets, Jennifer promoted heavily with tweets, interviews and  reviews over a period of a month.  I thought I was savvy at promotion but Jennifer's approach was innovative and well-organised.  I will definitely be using her again. ~ T.W. Lawless, author of Homecountry and Thornydevils. 

Katrina Cavanough wanted to thank you very much for the review of her book Wisdom For Your Life. "It was so thorough and amazing...I'm a bit lost for words really" ~ Amy Milne, Allen and Unwin

Oh my goodness…… Jennifer and I are absolutely thrilled with your review of our collaborative effort “The Sea Cat Dreams.” Thank you so much for seeing it as we meant it to be seen and understood, and for your wonderfully kind words.  Your encouraging words mean the world to us. - Muza Ulasowski, Illustrator

Muza and I are so very thrilled you so totally 'felt' our book.Thank you so much! Am sending straight to  my publisher and their publicity department! - Jennifer ( JR Poulter ), author, The Sea Cat Dreams.

Thank you for the lovely review of ‘Lollipops’. The fact you compared the book to ‘Guess how much I love You’ was enough for me to jump up and down with excitement, it is one of my favourite books!! - Jaquelyn Muller, author, I love you 5 Lollipops.

Not so long ago I was drifting through some internet sites offering to review or market self-published novels. I was wondering if any review would make my book come alive for readers, agents, or the marketing world in general. I chanced upon your site. "Australia!" I breathed. "How about that." Awfully far away, it was not a promising avenue. Until I read your site and what you offered. Here was a much more hands-on, reviewing and marketing approach. The cost was reasonable and though the review did not promise a five-star finish, and the marketing plan didn't tantalize with guaranteed six figure sales, it did promise care and seriousness. So sincere was the pitch, that I counted out my shekels, e-mailed you, and officially asked you to help me. Imagine my surprise when you turned out to be someone who had the best interests for my novel at heart. You spent much time on an in-depth review and suggested a marketing plan which was going to involve a lot more work for you than I expected; nor did I dream that you would take my work to heart and propose a way of presenting it not just to Australia, but to the whole English speaking world. I always thought I was a dreamer, but you are the dreamer that has made me into a believer about the power of marketing and the importance of having an expert in the field present one's book to the public. Already a joy to work with, you have turned out to be a reviewer that can also market a book and make an author believe that the book he wrote, which he thinks is very good, is going to be seen as great by the wider reading public. That's a gift that's priceless. Thanks for believing in me and strengthening my own appreciation of my work. Is this a partnership? Nope, it is better than that. It is an adventure, one which I am glad to be taking with you. You calmed a lot of my worries, and as you folks say down under, "No more worries mate, no more worries at all!

E. R. Barr
Author of ROAN: The Tales of Conor Archer, vol. 1

Katrina Cavanough wanted to thank you very much for the review of her book Wisdom For Your Life. "It was so thorough and amazing...I'm a bit lost for words really"
Amy Milne, Allen and Unwin

It’s two months since I first contacted independent freelance book reviewer Jennifer Deaves. In her immediate reply she wrote ‘I’m sure I can help you.’

Jennifer’s help has been phenomenal. With a passion for helping to create high quality work and for assisting authors to get the word out about their book, she has been a joy to work with.

Closely collaborating, and constantly giving feedback, she has been unfailingly inspirational and supportive.

As promised, two months after my first contact the review of ‘Aspects of Creativity’ is already on a wide range of important media sites.

I highly recommend Jennifer Deaves to anyone looking for a very special independent reviewer.

Dulcie M. Stone MBE

" I have found the reviews of my books by Jennifer to be a very positive experience. Jennifer provided a great publicity boost for my books. I chose the magazine layout and was presented with a detailed review which included full colour pictures of the front covers. Jennifer also provided a very informative article on my illustrator Melissa Daw. The review process was very easy on my part and I only needed to provide the books for review. I will certainly be chasing up Jennifer for future reviews" - Joel Hart, author.

"Thanks to Jennifer Deaves for reviewing my CD in such an engaging and wholesome way. Your quality reviews help bring new awareness to my music, and are a valuable resource for promotion. Keep up the great work!" - Melody Moon, Australian singer/songwriter

"five:am are sending through a massive thank you to Jennifer who took the time to learn about our products and have a real understanding of what we are all about. Jennifer's reviewing services is a great way to get your message out there. I  definitely recommend her." - Lauren Kempler, Marketing Coordinator, five:am   

"Jennifer has been a proactive force in providing the best content possible for Double Creations Publications. From product research to general information that make a difference to everyday Australian's, her honest and unbiased approach is refreshing. Staying in touch with Rattling Reviews and Good Gabble magazines can help people make more informed decisions thus spending money wisely! " - Kate Guiver, PR & Marketing, www.4ingredients.com.au